mcz pellet stoves

Why Choose A Pellet Stove

Wood pellet stoves are an excellent alternative to more traditional wood burning stoves, being cheap, easy to use and environmentally friendly. That’s why here at Nexus Heat we are delighted to offer our customers an excellent selection of MCZ pellet stoves.

Wood pellets are designed to burn cleanly and efficiently, making a pellet stove one of the most energy-friendly options. A pellet burner’s average yield is 90% and its emission levels are among the lowest on the market, meaning that you can have peace of mind that you have made the ethical choice.

Wood pellet stoves are so efficient that it allows them to offer a considerable price advantage over more traditional stoves – on average a pellet stove is 25% cheaper to use than natural gas stoves and half the price of diesel fuel stoves. As a renewable energy source, a pellet stove also brings with it the associated tax benefits and energy initiatives that make it the better financial option.

Not only do wood pellet stoves burn efficiently but they are also convenient to use, producing less ash than wood burning stoves and with wood pellets easily available at supermarkets. Many types of pellet stove can also be automatically operated, allowing them to switch on and off when they are needed. Able to providing heating or hot water, pellet stoves are miniature heating systems suitable for anywhere in the home.

Here at Nexus Heat, we aim to help our customers find the best pellet stove in Suffolk. If you would like to know more about our wood pellet stoves, please click below to view a digital brochure of all the stoves we stock, visit us here at our Suffolk showroom or get in contact with us today via our enquiry form. We would be delighted to be of assistance.