Wood Fuels

Here at Nexus Heat, we offer a number of different wood fuel options to get your fire started. These include split wood logs, benefitting from a low water-content, wood pellets and kindling logs.

Our Logs

When it comes to the use of wooden logs, it is paramount to understand that the moisture content should be less than 25%, otherwise you will be at risk of producing lots of smoke. Not only is too much smoke unpleasant, it goes in hand that it will not burn as efficiently. To ensure that you achieve the best burn, unseasoned logs should be left to dry out for at least a year. When you buy from Nexus Heat, you can be confident in the level of water content, supplying only seasoned logs. To check the water content, you can also purchase a moisture gauge to test the moisture levels. Here at Nexus Heat, we supply logs to our customers as in a sack of 15kg as standard.

Our Pellets

Pellets are considered the more eco-friendly option as they are usually made from recycled wood waste and sawdust. These are most appropriate for use with multi-fuel stoves, as these are specifically designed to be used with pellets. The advantage they have over wooden logs is that they are able to provide heat of between 2-3 days. For this reason, they are more efficient than wooden logs in the energy they produce due to their dryness.

Our Kindling

Kindling wood is used to build up a fire underneath larger logs to help ignite a good fire, so they can be used in combination with the 15kg log sacks. Kindling wood is smaller are due to the size, they can dry in a shorter amount of time, so tend to be quicker to burn than larger logs. By splitting the wood, the smaller kindling fuel can greatly to assist your fire’s flames

Bulk Deliveries

We supply our wood in ‘take home’ nets and ‘delivered to your door’ bags, which allows us to cater to your needs. We can also arrange bulk deliveries with the aim of making your life a little bit easier.


Bulk Deliveries




15kg Log Stack