Esse Plus 500 IT

Esse Plus 500 IT

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A versatile left-hand-side companion to any of our beautifully crafted cast iron range cookers, this adds two valuable strings to any serious cook’s bow: perfect slow-cooking, and simple but highly effective plate-warming.

The Plus 500 IT is beautifully simple. Designed with a 400watt element that heats the top and lower warming/slow cooking compartments, it is thermostatically controlled to between 85°C and 90°C. This gives an average temperature of 86°C in the top oven, and 70°C in the lower oven.

But we’re not just talking about a versatile “supporting actor”. The Plus 500 IT is perfectly capable of taking centre stage, enabling you to turn out mouth-watering slow-cooked dishes in your sleep. Or, for that matter, while you’re at work.

Another lovely touch: the Plus 500 IT features a 3-zone induction cooking hob.

As with all our electric cookers, plug-in-and-cook convenience comes as standard: all you need is a 13 amp socket.

  • Standard 13Amp Source
  • Only one plug socket required
  • 400 watt element
  • Temperatures reach 89-90°C
  • 3-zone induction hob
  • Available in 20 colours