Stuv 21

Stuv 21

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 Stûv has always attached great importance to integrating a fire into the architecture.

Stûv has developed a wide range of claddings which facilitate the installation of stoves, such as the Stûv 21. Subtle, stylish lines adapt to all kinds of interior.

The glass door slides upwards and is hidden behind the brickwork. The stove is then like an open fire or a hearth which enables you to grill food !

With the glass door lowered, it produces excellent efficiency and ensures complete safety. Its exceptionally large glass door provides a perfect view of the fire.

  • Built-in stove with retractable window: the open fire is converted to a closed stove by lowering the sliding window.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Single- and double-sided versions
  • Many possible finishes: frames, fronts, cladding and bespoke