Are wood pellet stoves worth considering?

Choosing the right stove for your home can be a difficult decision, particularly when it comes to choosing the type of stove you should buy. Wood, gas and electric stoves are all traditionally strong options that won’t let you down, but there’s one type of stove you may not have considered looking into: that’s the pellet stove. Here at Nexus Heat, we pride ourselves on stocking an excellent selection of wood pellet stoves, all manufactured by MCZ.

There are many benefits to wood pellet stoves which make them an excellent alternative to the more traditional types of stoves we’ve already mentioned. But why are wood pellet stoves such a wise investment? Let’s outline just some of the reasons why a pellet stove is worth considering:

Clean and Efficient

Traditional forms of fuel such as wood and gas can often be subject to criticism these days for being comparatively inefficient and ‘dirty’. Wood pellets, meanwhile, burn cleanly and efficiently, making the pellet stove the environmentally and energy-friendly option.

The average yield of a pellet burner is an excellent 90% while the level of emissions a pellet stove emits are also impressively low. If you choose a pellet stove, you can be sure that you’ve made the right decision for the planet.


The efficiency of wood pellet stoves also means that they are considerably cheaper to have around the house than more traditional stoves. A pellet stove is 25% less expensive than a natural gas stove on average, and amazingly, only half as costly as diesel stoves which waste a lot of fuel.

Because wood pellets are a renewable energy source, wood pellet stoves come with the added benefit of attracting lower tax as governments look to meet their climate targets and encourage good energy usage. All this makes a pellet stove a wise financial option.


One common issue with wood or, historically, coal fires is the ash that they tend to leave behind. Because wood pellet stoves burn more efficiently, they are super easy to upkeep, leaving less ash for you to have to clean up. They are also very easy to keep burning, as you can easily find wood pellets for sale at your average supermarket – ideal for the chilly winter months.


Fitting with their modern nature, wood pellet stoves are versatile stoves. Many types of pellet stove can be set to switch on and off automatically, so you can trust them to work when you’re not there. Whether you’re looking to heat your lounge ready for your arrival home or boil some water for a relaxing shower, you can always rely on your pellet stove to do the job.

Here at Nexus Heat, we would love to see more people trying out a pellet stove in Suffolk. If you would like to know more about our wood pellet stoves, please visit our products page to view our digital brochure of MCZ pellet stoves. Alternatively, you can always get in touch with us via our online form or visit us here at our Suffolk showroom. It’s our aim to get your fire started!