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Here at Nexus Heat, we don’t just supply fully-fitted equipment, we understand that they need to maintained. A well-maintained stove means it will last longer, burn more efficiently and look as good as the day it was installed. We supply accessories that can complement your stove, all available at our showroom. 
We supply oils and polishes to ‘buff up’ the outside appearance of your fireplace. These include slate and marble oil as well as both stove & grate polish and black grate polish; as one of the key features of your living room, why not have your fireplace gleam, shine and stand out rather than become dull, bland and un-extraordinary in your home. We also supply high-temperature stove paint, ACR glass cleaner and chimney cleaners, for those who want to do some deeper maintenance of their burner. But what would your burner be without fuel? That’s why you can buy logs and kindling directly from our showroom with little fuss, as well as a log basket to keep them secure and tidy in your living space. We even supply firelighters, so you can get your fire going the instant you need it to.
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Safety is paramount when using any form of burner, that’s why we also supply stove gloves for you to wear when you use your stove, so you negate the risk of any burns; you want stove gloves to do the heavy work. We also supply Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms; Carbon Monoxide is one of the biggest risks when using any type of burner because it has no smell, colour or taste, so any home that uses a stove or a burner needs to have one to ensure you are alerted if there are any emergencies. Make sure you visit our Nexus Heat showroom to look at all the stove accessories we supply, so you can personally pick out the item that is right for you.


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