Air Source Heat Pump

Nexus Heat has an expanding wealth of knowledge when it comes to renewable energy. Air Source Heat Pumps have been around for many years; however, they are now becoming more and more prevalent within a domestic setting here in the U.K.
Air Source Heat Pump

How often should my Air Source be serviced?   

It is recommended to have your air source heat pumps serviced regularly to make sure it is running efficiently. This will ensure that you are getting the maximum heat transfer possible from the least amount of energy required. By preserving the efficiency of your heat pump, you will also increase the lifespan of the equipment by preventing moving parts like the compressor from becoming over-worked and worn. Keeping to a regular servicing schedule will help you avoid potentially expensive and detrimental breakdowns and repairs.
Having your Air Source Heat Pump serviced regularly will not only keep your system running efficiently, it will also ensure that the equipment is kept within its warranty. Many manufacturers insist that an annual service is conducted by a qualified engineer to certify the warranty offered. 
An annual service will allow the engineer to fine tune your system to your needs, as well as allowing you to benefit from the savings that a correctly set up installation has to offer.
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