Perfect Accompaniment For Outdoor Activities

As the weather warms up, there’s nothing more satisfying that spending time outside with friends and loved ones taking part in outdoor activities. Whether playing garden sports or splashing around in a paddling pool, our range of outdoor wood stoves and fire pits are the perfect accompaniment to whatever you have planned. You can spend all day outside, and use these appliances to warm you up when the temperature drops at night, or to cook up a classic BBQ meal during the day or evening.  

Cooking Up a Storm 

Outdoor cooking is doubtlessly one of the best things about the weather getting better. Our wood burning stoves are great for both grilling and smoking food for your barbeque meals. Depending on the model, you can also cater for big groups with the complementary rack system. Our range of fire pits can also be purchased with a special tri-pod cooking rack to enable you to cook on its flames. 

Turning Up The Heat 

When your stomachs are sufficiently full, you can make the most of the balmy nights as we move from the spring into the summer months by keeping the heat going through the evenings. Relaxing outside, the heat from your wood burning stove or fire pit will keep you warm on clear, dry nights. The warm glow from the fire will light up your faces as you entertain your friends and family with games and stories. 

Outdoor Cooking Grills 

Our outdoor cookers are Primo grills, offering ceramic BBQs for a high-class cook out American-style. Made in the USA, the ceramic shell insulates the contents, holding in the heat and retaining the natural moisture of the food. These grills are able to create a natural flavour whether you want to grill, bake, roast, or smoke food, whatever it is you fancy eating. You can even cook multiple items in different ways at the same time, leaving thick sizzling steaks to cook on the grill, whilst roasting vegetables on the indirect side. 

Fire Pits 

Our range of fire pits come from the Plain Jane brand, offering a simple area for creating heat and cooking outdoors. There are three different types available from Nexus Stoves, which can be used with the tri-pod cooking rack. The fire bowl on these items is handmade from 3mm mild steel, offering a capped hole for any drainage. A British staple for the garden, built to last as a permanent fixture in your garden, with a flat lid designed to cover and protected it from the rain when not in use. It is ideal for gatherings and parties as its flames create the perfect ambience for any occasion. 

Contact Us 

To discover more about our wood burner stoves and other outdoor heating options, please get in contact with us by completing our online enquiry form. You can also speak to us directly by calling 01379 671 168, or come to see us in person at our showroom in Diss, Suffolk, where a member of our team will be pleased to answer any questions you may have for us.