How to improve outdoor living

The Islands which we refer to as the British Isles are truly a remarkable place.  The northern tip of our islands lies just 400 miles from the arctic circle – 200 miles less than its distance from London – and at the same latitude as Anchorage and St Petersburg.  Yet, although Scottish winters can be harsh, the climate is far milder there than in those famous cities which nestle in the grip of perpetual winter.  Elsewhere in Britain, we enjoy comparatively mild and comfortable seasonal variations, and are protected from most kinds of extreme weather events which occur in other parts of the world.  Even our notoriously damp summers have endowed us with a legacy of abundant and diverse flora, and rich, fertile farmland.

It is the North Atlantic Drift (also known as the ‘gulf stream’) which is responsible for our temperate oceanic climate, and the history of our islands and our nation could have been very different without it.  What better way could there be to enjoy these stunning natural surroundings and favourable conditions than relaxing in your garden with family, friends, and some well-chosen refreshments?  Add an outdoor fire pit to take off the chill as the evening draws in, and we surely have the perfect picture of countryside bliss.  That’s right, with an outdoor wood stove Suffolk householders can find new ways to enjoy and share their beautiful gardens.  When you live in one of our country’s most picturesque regions, you want to make thee most of your outdoor spaces.  Fortunately, Nexus Heat can provide a garden stove or outdoor burner Suffolk homeowners will be proud to show off to guests.

Yes, we all want to get the maximum enjoyment from our gardens, and outdoor fire pits and wood burners are definitely the trend right now.  There is nothing so cosy as a real fire on a cold evening, whether in the hearth or on your patio.  And as long as you use dry, seasoned wood, and other smokeless fuels, the fresh air can be as healthy as it is invigorating.  As experts in solid fuel stoves and burners of all kinds, Nexus Heat can provide all the materials and accessories you need to make your outdoor fire pit Suffolk’s next big thing.  Browse our website or pop into our showroom to find products which will fire your imagination.

Or, take things to the next level with your own outdoor pizza oven.  An outdoor wood stove will keep you warm into the evenings, but with an outdoor pizza oven Suffolk garden parties will never be the same again, as you serve up delicious homemade treats.  Our range of outdoor cooking installations must be seen to be believed, so don’t delay, get in touch with Nexus Heat today.  Whatever kind of outdoor burner or garden heater you’re looking for, we are sure to be able to help.  And with a full range of accessories and full after sales service, you can’t lose when you come to Nexus Heat!