Everything you need from a stove company!

At Nexus Heat, we aim to be able to supply you with everything you could need to enjoy your wood burning stove or fireplace, including our full installation service. This is why in attention to the stoves themselves, we also supply an extensive range of accessories to go with them. All these products ensure that you can properly maintain your stove, guaranteeing that you can enjoy a long-lasting stove that will burn more efficiently, as well as look great in your home. Whether you have a new or old stove, these accessories will give a new lease of life to your home and how you heat it.

Stove Appearance

We offer a range of oils and polishes to keep your stove in top condition in terms of its appearance. We stock polish for the stove and grate itself, including black great polish, as well as special oils for slate and marble. This will help to make sure your stove remains a key feature of your room. In order to do some event deeper maintenance, we also stock special stove paint for use with high-temperatures, ACR glass cleaner, and chimney clearers.

Stove Fuel

We are pleased to supply a range of different options when it comes to fuelling your fire, and keeping your stove burning. Here at Nexus Heat, you are able to buy logs and kindling straight from our showroom, with minimal fuss. We also stock log baskets, which are a feature in their own right, in order to keep your logs safe and tidy. To help you get your fire going, we stock firelights to get things started as soon as possible.

Safety Products

It’s important to remember that fire is essentially a natural element, and like any natural element, it comes with a certain level of risk, therefore it’s vital to take the necessary precautions when handling it. We stock special stove gloves for use when you’re in contact with your stove, so you can avoid the chance of any burns. It’s also important to remember the risk of carbon monoxide with burners. As carbon monoxide has no smell, it can be impossible to detect, therefore it is necessary to install a CO (carbon monoxide) alarm to help you keep on high alert if there are any emergencies

Additional Products

In addition to the products previously mentioned, we stock a range of other accessories to your stove. These include brick and stone sealer, heat sealant, hotspot glass cleaner, a stove pipe thermometer, digital moisture meter detector, stove fans, fire rope and companion sets. To see for yourself, visit our Nexus Heat showroom to browse through our complete range of stove accessories; this way you can personally handpick the items that you require for your home.

Contact Us

If you are interested in any accessories you’ve seen on our website, or you’d like to enquire further before heading to our Suffolk showroom, please get in contact with us via our contact form, by phone on 01379 671 168, or via email at info@nexusheat.co.uk. Our helpful and experienced team will be more than glad to advise you.